Why to use mobile technology?

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Authors: Bolat, E.


Start date: 7 July 2014

No holistic portrayal exists to map and discuss values deriving from mobile technology use. This empirical paper addresses this gap. To address research purpose adapted grounded theory approach is applied to collect and analyse in-depth interviews with twenty-eight SME managers. This study concludes that mobile technology represents novel and unique category of technology. Whether MT is a simple mean to advanced communication with no physical boundaries of time and location or a business tool to boost creative thinking, this study concludes that MT is different to fixed network and stationary desktop IT because of its core distinctive feature, being mobile. True nature of MT lies in seeing MT as a source of value that derives from using MT. Ultimately by mapping distinctive to MT values and factors that form these values this study endeavors to transform business practitioners’ view of mobile technology as purely technically MT to strategic tool that drives new ways in exploiting ubiquitous technology.

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