Intelligent Entrepreneurship for Entrepreneurship Educators: Synthesis and Insights

Authors: Taura, N.D.

Editors: Caetano, A.

Conference: European Summer University Conference

Dates: 18-25 August 2013


This conceptual article introduces a five zones framework of teaching and learning entrepreneurship that builds upon an existing domain of intelligence. As many aspects of intelligence (emotional, social, practical, and cultural) remain less integrated with the entrepreneurship education discourse, this article maps out and extends current boundaries of thinking regarding how educators and trainers could help learners become potentially more intelligent entrepreneurs. The article concludes that it is more likely using conventional approaches aligned to cultural and practical intelligence presets to influence learners become adaptive rational thinkers on one hand. On the other, it is more likely for leaners to be influenced in to becoming effectual reflective thinkers if unconventional approaches aligned to the presets of social and emotional intelligence were used.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Nasiru Taura