The effect of chemical composition of electrolyte on the tribological performance of electrodeposited coatings

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Authors: Bajwa, R., Khan, Z., Bakolas, V. and Braun, W.

Start date: 17 May 2015

The pure nickel and nickel composite coatings with nano-sized alumina particles were electroplated over steel substrates under constant pulse conditions. The influence of electrolyte composition on the tribological performance of electrodeposited coatings has been investigated. A High Speed Microprocessor Rotary Tribometer was modified to simulate rolling contact bench testing with an upper coated disc and three lower balls disc system. The bath composition showed a significant role in changing the surface morphology and wear resistance properties of pure nickel coatings. However the composite coatings, containing nano-alumina particles, were not much influenced by varying the chemical composition of the electrolyte.

Optimised parameters for the composition of Watt’s-type bath are presented in this paper for electrodeposited coatings to be subjected to water-lubricated rolling contacts.

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