An experimental investigation of water lubricated electroplated nanocomposite coatings

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Authors: Bajwa, R., Khan, Z., Bakolas, V. and Braun, W.

Start date: 17 May 2015

This paper presents test rig modification to conduct ball-on-disk rolling contact bench testing. High Speed Microprocessor Rotary Tribometer was modified to accommodate ball-on-disk assembly with upper coated disc and three lower balls disc system. The modified version of HSMRT provided bench testing techniques to simulate industrial applications in terms of rolling contacts. The modified test rig also housed water lubrication facility allowing variable water characteristics such as salinity to simulate marine and/or fluvial environments. Pure nickel and nickel composite alumina reinforcement nano-particles (~50nm) were coated (~10┬Ám in thickness) over steel substrate (80mm in diameter) through pulse electro-deposition techniques. Rolling contact ball-on-disc tests were conducted to assess wear behaviour of these coatings subject to water lubrication. Surface morphology of pure nickel and nickel nanocomposite coatings were examined using scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive spectroscopy. The wear analysis and surface mapping of coatings were conducted through 3D white light interferometry.

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