Local Food Purchasing: Balancing Egoistic and Altruistic Motivations

Authors: Birch, D.P. and Memery, J.E.

Conference: Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2014

Dates: 1-3 December 2014


Local food purchasing has been linked to egoistic motivations such as concern for health and safety, as well as altruistic motivations, such as concern for the environment and ethical consumption. Indeed, today’s more mindful consumers are changing their attitudes toward food consumption in an attempt to balance egoistic and altruistic motivations. This study investigates the relative importance of egoistic versus altruistic motivations in influencing attitudes toward, and purchase frequency of, local food. Findings reveal ethical self-identity, health consciousness and food safety are positively associated with favourable attitudes toward local food, propensity to buy local food, and interest in food traceability. Ethical self-identity and health consciousness influence purchase frequency, while food safety and environmental concerns do not.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Juliet Memery