Modelling and animating cartoon hair with NURBS surfaces

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Authors: Noble, P. and Tang, W.

Start date: 16 June 2004

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press

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Authors: Noble, P. and Tang, W.

Journal: Proceedings of Computer Graphics International Conference, CGI

Pages: 60-67

ISSN: 1530-1052

In this paper we present a technique for the modelling and animation of cartoon hair. In our approach the primary shape and motion of the hair is defined by an animated NURBS volume, along whose surface are generated clumps of hair geometry. The basis of these hair clumps is formed by key hair curves that are grown along the isocurves of the originating surface and which follow its motion. Particle dynamics are applied to each key hair and blended with initial animation using springs. Profile curves are then extruded along the length of the key hairs to create the geometry details of the hairdo. The finished animated hairdo is rendered non-photorealistically in cartoon style shading.

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