Keynote: ‘What we talk about when we talk about creativity’

Authors: Readman, M.

Conference: Learning and Teaching Day 2015

Dates: 14 January 2015



In this keynote Dr Mark Readman will explore the notion of creativity, providing an overview of the key approaches to this most seductive and elusive concept, and suggesting ways in which we might operate with it within explicit critical frameworks. Mark argues that ‘creativity’ is a particular kind of problem - a problem of meaning rather than a problem of practice - and, therefore, it is necessary to examine how the construction of meanings around ‘creativity’ is constituted by, and constitutive of, power/knowledge relations. He suggests that it’s necessary to resist the allure of an ‘essential nature’ of creativity, in order to make sense of the full range of discursive and material practices by which ‘creativity’ is constituted.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Mark Readman