Mapping MIL to Education: a pilot study

Authors: Berger, R. and McDougall, J.

Conference: The Media Education Summit

Dates: 20-21 November 2014


In reporting to the European Commission and Unesco via the COST / ANR project (McDougall & Livingstone, 2014), we recommended research to measure parity between pan-European criteria for media and information literacy (see Celot, 2009) and the situated literacy practices and competences’ of young people with media education qualifications.

This project was undertaken in Autumn 2014 and this paper will present the results and the methodology for application in all other countries where there is a need to ‘map’ the situated and multiple literacy practices (Masny & Cole, 2014) of those who have studied media in education, training or a project context, compared to those who haven’t.

Working with eight pairs of participants, in four geographical locations, half having studied Media to GCSE level, the three key MIL attributes derived from cross-European criteria, measured are:

(1) Effective use of media (competences); (2) Knowledge and critical approach to media (manifested in behaviour); (3) Social / communicative abilities (application of literacy); In this presentation, we will share the findings, explain the methodology and invite participants to discuss the potential to implement the same approach in their countries and contexts.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Richard Berger