The application of psycholinguistic principles to website design

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Authors: Terry, K. and Taylor, J.

Start date: 3 July 2003

Pages: 45-51

Publisher: Chapter of ACM SIGCHI New Zealand

Place of Publication: Palmerston North, N.Z.

ISBN: 9780473095536

Many businesses are looking to e-commerce as a way of maximising their turnover and creating new opportunities. The potential of applying psycholinguistic principles to improve the language used on websites has been overlooked. This study involved developing a website which drew on psycholinguistic principles, specifically transformational grammar and word frequency, and simulated a knowledge-based system by diagnosing users' needs. It was a between subjects design with 48 participants across four conditions. Results showed that moderate syntactic complexity significantly increases positive attitudes, F(1,48) = 6.216; p

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