Software productivity analysis of a large data set and issues of confidentiality and data quality

Authors: Liebchen, G.A. and Shepperd, M.

Journal: Proceedings - International Software Metrics Symposium

Volume: 2005

Pages: 3-5

ISBN: 9780769523712

ISSN: 1530-1435

DOI: 10.1109/METRICS.2005.43


OBJECTIVE - The aim is to report on an ongoing investigation into software productivity and its influencing factors. ADOPTED METHOD - Analysis of a data set containing project management of a large multinational company. The data set contains tables holding information about more than 25000 closed projects collected since 1990. ENCOUNTERED ISSUES - Due to incomplete data only 1413 closed projects could be used for the investigation. Confidentiality was also considered as a major issue. PRELIMINARY RESULTS The projects in the data set vary greatly in their productivity. FUTURE WORK - Analysis of productivity and its influencing factors. © 2005 IEEE.

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