Gernot Liebchen

Dr Gernot Liebchen

  • Principal Academic in Computing
  • Poole House P427, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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I am a lecturer in Computing at Bournemouth University. I joined Bournemouth University in March 2015. Prior to this I held a teaching position covering a range of computing subjects. I received my PhD in 2010 from Brunel University. The thesis was titled “Data Cleaning Techniques for Software Engineering Data Sets “. Towards the end of my doctorate I also worked as a research assistant on an EPSRC funded project entitled "Using Program Slicing to Size Code Change".


My research interests lie in the field of Empirical Software Engineering. I am actively looking for postgraduate research students.

Journal Articles


  • Hall, T., Bowes, D., Liebchen, G. and Wernick, P., 2010. Evaluating Three Approaches to Extracting Fault Data from Software Change Repositories. In: Ali Babar, M., Vierimaa, M. and Oivo, M., eds. Product-Focused Software Process Improvement. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 107-115.


  • Kazemi, S., Cetinkaya, D., Liebchen, G. and Sahandi, R., 2022. USABILITY AND USER EXPERIENCE IN OPEN COMMUNITY WEB PORTALS: A CASE STUDY IN SMART PORTS DOMAIN. Proceedings of the International Conferences on e-Society 2022 and Mobile Learning 2022, 3-10.
  • Kazemi, S., Liebchen, G. and Cetinkaya, D., 2022. A Survey on the Usability and User Experience of the Open Community Web Portals. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 13516 LNCS, 409-423.
  • Potapova, K., Cetinkaya, D. and Liebchen, G., 2020. Monitoring and Controlling Phone Usage to Raise Awareness and Combat Digital Addiction. Proceedings of 2020 7th IEEE International Conference on Behavioural and Social Computing, BESC 2020.
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  • Alnaqbi, A., Liebchen, G., Ali, R. and Phalp, K., 2016. Culturally-Aware Motivation for Smart Services: An Exploratory Study of the UAE. In: In the proceedings of the 24th International Software Quality Management Conference. (BCS SQM/Inspire 16) 21 March 2016 Bournemouth, UK.
  • Liebchen, G.A. and Shepperd, M., 2008. Data sets and data quality in software engineering. PROMISE ’08: Proceedings of the 4th international workshop on Predictor models in software engineering, 39-44 ACM.
  • Liebchen, G.A., Twala, B., Shepperd, M., Cartwright, M. and Stephens, M., 2007. Filtering, Robust Filtering, Polishing: Techniques for Addressing Quality in Software Data. , 99-106 IEEE Computer Society.
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  • Liebchen, G.A. and Shepperd, M., 2005. Software Productivity Analysis of a Large Data Set and Issues of Confidentiality and Data Quality. , 46 IEEE Computer Society.
  • Liebchen, G.A. and Shepperd, M., 2005. Software productivity analysis of a large data set and issues of confidentiality and data quality. Proceedings - International Software Metrics Symposium, 2005, 3-5.


PhD Students

  • Alzibali, Abdulmonem Hussain S. “Engineering Real-time Context-aware Transparency Requirements”

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Systems Performance and Optimisation (CPD at BBC Academy)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Human Computer Interaction (Level C)
  • Computer Systems (Level C)
  • Business Context (Level C)
  • Systems Environments (Level C)
  • Computers and Networks (Level C)
  • Business Planning (Level I)
  • Software Programming (Level C)
  • Applied Programming - Games and Music Technology (Level I)
  • Object Oriented Programming - Electrical Engineering (Level I)
  • Games Levels and Environments (Level I)
  • Local Area Networks (Level I)
  • Database Systems (Level C)
  • Project Supervision (Level H)


  • FoodSMART (proof of concept) (HEIF 5+1, 01 Aug 2015). Completed
  • FoodSmart – Shaping Smarter Consumer Behaviour and Food Choice (EU/Horizon 2020 Rise, 01 Jan 2015). In Progress
  • Using Program Slicing to Size Code Change (EPSRC, 31 Mar 2008). Completed

Internal Responsibilities

  • Programme Leader for UG Computing Pathway Degrees, Department for Computing and Informatics.
  • Programme Leader for Undergraduate Computing Pathway, Computing Teaching Management Committee
  • Marketing and Admissions Tutor, Computing Teaching Management Committee

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • FoodSMART - Eat out smarter! (28 Jun 2016)
  • FoodBiz (18 May 2016)


  • PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training (University of Southampton, 2013)
  • PhD in Software Engineering (Brunel University, 2010)