Automatic X-ray screening of aircraft hold luggage

Authors: Benjamin, R. and Prakoonwit, S.

Journal: IEE Conference Publication

Issue: 437

Pages: 5-8

ISSN: 0537-9989


[1] in ECOS 95 addressed the application of the `object-3D' X-ray reconstruction technique for electronically `unpacking' suspect items, when screening aircraft luggage. However, there is no satisfactory solution to the mass screening of hold luggage. Computed Tomography, CT, entails excessive radiation dosages, and its rate of throughput is quite inadequate. A novel variant of `object-3D' is therefore put forward, adapting some of the technology of existing cabin-luggage screening systems - but on a substantially larger scale - which does achieve the required throughput at an acceptable radiation dosage and cost.

Source: Scopus