A case study of the cultured pearl industry in Japan: An exploration of effective marketing action based on a collaborative learning platform led by motivated actors

Authors: Oe, H. and Yamaoka, Y.

Conference: Academy of Marketing 2015

Dates: 7-9 July 2015


Japanese cultured pearl industry, based on Mikimoto’s invention one hundred years back, has been facing a critical declining situation. There are some reasons behind this, especially the process of the production-to-sales line is disconnected and separated, there are rarely female workers in the upper stream of production line, men have no interest in market voices from female consumers.

The whole production of pearls in weight is increasing but the value is constantly decreasing. Akoya pearls which are traditional Japanese cultured species dropped in volumes and values which casts a negative impact on the industry as a whole. Moreover, while the production method and business style has been remaining the same as one hundred years ago, the managerial process has not been innovated up to now.

To tackle this situation, this study is conducted following four steps; a) to survey the current situation of the industry, b) to extract academic implications from literature review and build hypotheses, c) to conduct interviews with stakeholders and d) to discuss findings and present future recommendations are presented.

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