Rethinking post-war reconciliation, memory and heritage via ‘gaming’ technology.

This source preferred by Avital Biran and Melanie Klinkner

Authors: Klinkner, M., Schwandner-Sievers, S., TIan, F. and Biran, A.

Start date: 26 September 2015

In post-war societies such as in the Western Balkans, war monuments may serve to preserve a single narrative of the past. Sometimes the intention is to shape future generations’ understanding of conflict, thereby perpetuating militant potentials and societal divisions. But how do young visitors really experience such war monuments? Our fusion-funded project aims to foster conflict transformation (reconciliation) by facilitating young people’s engagement with a plurality of narratives while simultaneously nurturing empathy and recognition of the cultural heritage of war via contemporary gaming technology. This presentation outlines the conceptual anchorage of the project in the disciplines of social anthropology, transitional justice, dark tourism and game technology.

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