Challenges and Opportunities of Moving from Platform-Centric towards Experience-Centric Approaches to Media Pedagogy and Research.

Authors: Berger, R.

Conference: Media Education Summit

Dates: 20-21 November 2015


The discussion will be based around a journal article What ‘Children’ Experience and ‘Adults’ May Overlook: Phenomenological Approaches to Media Practice, Education and Research by Woodfall and Zezulkova (2015 [forthcoming]) and a book chapter The Digital Utterance: A Crossmedia Approach to Media Education by Berger and Woodfall (2012) that will be provided beforehand.

The papers argue that each utterance of media should be seen as in dialogue with each other utterance, and that children and young people, being the phenomenological hub to their lived media experience, should be recognised as engaging with and (re-)producing media holistically.

The suggestion thus is that focusing on only one ‘discreet’ media utterance (like television or film for example) or one aspect of the whole person (like cognition) can be said to become deeply problematic to those within contemporary media education and research.

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