Young People’s Mental Health: the challenge for media education researchers.

Authors: Berger, R.

Start date: 20 November 2015

Despite being the most connected and networked generation in history, many charities and organisations which work with young people, are reporting an increase in mental health issues; from cyber-bulling/trolling to self-harm, eating disorders and depression. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that one-in-ten young people, now suffers from a mental health issue.

This session is a chance for media education scholars to discuss the implications of this for our research. It is hoped that the session will lead to further work, and collaborations in this field, with a view to a) to map out if there is an increase in mental health problems for young people, and the media’s role (if at all) in this, and b) to design a series of interventions which could be developed into a proposal for a substantial piece of future research.

This session would be of interest to any researcher who works with young people, or who has an interest in mental health more generally. Practitioners, and those who work directly with young people, are particularly welcome.

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