It's more than just ticking boxes: What is the impact of online assessment of practice on feedback to students?

Authors: Donaldson, I. and Angell, C.

Start date: 24 February 2016

The paper presents the initial findings of two projects evaluating mentor feedback in online practice assessment tool used at Bournemouth University called OPAL (Online Practice Assessment for Learning). Project one is evaluating feedback and feed forward in online and print based practice assessment tools and the second project is the Practice Assessment and Learning in Midwifery (PALMs) study.

Findings indicate that in comparison to print based the level and quality of feedback in the online tool (OPAL) gives students more feed forward direction to improve future practice. The quality of feedback opens up greater possibilities to moderate clinical practice mark against mentor feedback. A further finding is the contemporaneous access to the students online practice assessment tool enables academic support to be more directed and more timely.

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