Slurry erosive wear behaviour of TiO<inf>2</inf>-30 wt% Inconel-718 plasma sprayed coatings on A16061 substrate

Authors: Suryanarayana, R., Rupanagudi, S., Nagaraj, A. and Khan, Z.

Start date: 15 May 2016

Publisher: STLE

Place of Publication: USA

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Authors: Chinnakurli Suryanarayana, R., Rupanagudi, S.K., Nagaraj, A., Vishwadeep, B.N. and Khan, Z.

Journal: Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers Annual Meeting and Exhibition 2016

Pages: 562-564

ISBN: 9781510825048

The present investigation is aimed at developing plasma sprayed TiO2- 30 wt% Inconel-718 coatings on A16061 substrate and to evaluate its microstructure, microhardness and slurry erosive wear resistance. TiO2- 30 wt% Inconel-718 powders were thermally sprayed on A16061 substrate by Air Plasma Spray process. An average particle size of 50um was adopted to achieve dense and uniform coatings of thicknesses 100 urn and 200um. The developed coatings were subjected to microstructural studies, microhardness and slurry erosive wear tests in 3.5% NaCl solution with sand as erodent. Microstructural studies reveal dense coatings of TiO2- 30 wt% Inconel-718 coating with good bond and minimal porosities. The slurry erosive wear resistance of developed coatings are superior when compared with that of uncoated A16061 substrate under identical test conditions.

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