Eπiλoγη∗ in Crisis∗∗

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Authors: Santorineos, M., Mavridou, I. et al.

Journal: 2015 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, VR 2015 - Proceedings

Pages: 351-352

ISBN: 9781479917273

DOI: 10.1109/VR.2015.7223440

© 2015 IEEE. 'Eπiλoγη in Crisis' is a work in progress that has been developed by the research group of the Greek-French Master entitled 'Art, virtual reality and multiuser systems of artistic expression', in a collaboration between the Athens School of Fine Arts and the University Paris8 Saint-Denis. It concerns an interactive project which is in-between a research tool and experimental game, that takes place in a virtual reality environment. It aims to immerse the player inside a system in crisis, so that he is not a mere spectator but feels that he shares responsibility for the crisis and has to act to resolve it. The actions of the player are measured and 'judged' (by the game mechanism itself), thus determining the stability or instability of the system.

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