IoT Lab: Towards co-design and IoT solution testing using the crowd

Authors: Fernandes, J., Nati, M., Loumis, N.S., Nikoletseas, S., Raptis, T.P., Krco, S., Rankov, A., Jokic, S., Angelopoulos, C.M. and Ziegler, S.

Journal: 2015 International Conference on Recent Advances in Internet of Things, RIoT 2015

ISBN: 9781479983254

DOI: 10.1109/RIOT.2015.7104907


IoT Lab is a European funded project researching the potential of crowdsourcing as an extension to the traditional IoT testbed infrastructures. The project proposes an innovative co-design, implementation and testing of solutions with the close involvement of the crowd in the process. Through the use of a smart phone application the crowd can participate in experiments by contributing with sensory data and knowledge. The IoT Lab platform leveraged the IoT ARM (architecture reference model) design framework to create an initial architecture that includes virtualization of crowdsourcing and testbed components as well as ability to federate with other testbeds.

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