Future of marketing as add on discipline: An agenda for engaging diverse learners

Authors: Bolat, E.

Conference: Contemporary Thought in HE Marketing Colloquium

Dates: 27 April 2016


Under the loupe of educational researchers and practitioners student engagement and experience are considered as ‘hot topics’ and key success factors to building effective learning environments in HEIs. Today marketing is embedded within every aspect of society and business and as such marketing skills and knowledge are common and shared across subjects and professions. In addition to this, digitisation and internationalisation of the UK HE system, altogether transform the modern student’s profile. Hence, the learning ecosystem concerns much more diverse audiences to experience marketing education in the HE context. This paper draws on the reflective analysis and action-based evaluation of delivering the marketing communications unit to diverse cohort of students studying on conversion postgraduate marketing degree. Results confirm benefits of blended learning and flipped classroom provisions. However, this study indicates significance of emotional learning that is best to be experienced within the classroom setting as well as in integration with the marketing practice.

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