Aeroelastic vibration control of hybrid airships using Regenerative Actuators

Authors: Patel, V., Khoshnoud, F., Pissanidis, G., Montalvao, D. and Chen, Y.

Conference: EUCASS 2013 - 5th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences

Dates: 1-5 July 2013


In this paper, an experiment is performed to investigate aeroelastic vibration control of a wing using regenerative piezoelectric actuators. Instead of the wing a plate with one pair of piezoelectric actuators is used to study the effect of the vibrations. The model consists of a rectangular steel in a cantilever configuration with the surface bonded with piezoelectric actuators. The regenerative actuators are used in the cantilever beam to harvest electrical power from the vibratory motion or to provide an anti-vibratory control motion to cancel out the undesirable vibration in the cantilever beam.

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