Are immersive FPS games enjoyable?

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Authors: Lugrin, J.L., Charles, F., Cavazza, M., Le Renard, M., Freeman, J. and Lessiter, J.

Journal: Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, VRST

Pages: 199

ISBN: 9781450314695

This paper describes an experiment comparing immersive and non-immersive gaming using a state-of-the-art first person shooter game (FPS) in which we analyse user experience and performance through a combination of in-game metrics, questionnaires and subjective reports. Our results show an overwhelming subjective preference for the immersive version despite a decrease in performance attributed to a more realistic aiming mechanism. Interaction metrics suggest that users took full advantage of the immersive context rather than simply transposing their desktop gaming skills. Copyright 2012 ACM.

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