Compelling experiences in mixed reality interactive storytelling

Authors: Charles, F., Cavazza, M., Mead, S.J., Martin, O., Nandi, A. and Manchal, X.

Journal: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

Volume: 74

Pages: 32-41

ISBN: 9781581138825


Entertainment systems promise to be a significant application for Mixed Reality. Recently, a growing number of Mixed Reality applications have included interaction with virtual actors and storytelling. However, AI-based Interactive Storytelling techniques have not yet been explored in the context of Mixed Reality. In this paper, we describe a fully-integrated first prototype based upon the adaptation of an Interactive Storytelling technique to a Mixed Reality system. After a description of the real time image processing techniques that support the creation of a hybrid environment, we introduce the storytelling technique and the essential modalities of user interactions in the Mixed Reality context. Finally, we illustrate these experiments by discussing examples obtained from the system. (c) 2004 ACM.

Source: Scopus