Tribological characteristics of EN-19 and 16MnCr5 steel under varying roughness and lubrication

Authors: Chacko, V. and Khan, Z.

Start date: 21 May 2017

Publisher: Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Place of Publication: USA

The interacting combination of EN-19 and 16MnCr5 steel is widely used in heavy industrial applications. EN-19 steel is ductile, shock and wear resistant, therefore these materials are commonly used in gears, pinions, shafts and spindles. 16MnCr5 steel is a case hardening, forgeable steel, and is commonly used in gears, shafts, camshafts, and drive wheels. However, the analysis of the friction and wear characteristics for this material combination has not been reported before.

This paper presents both experimental and analytical results of tribological performance of EN-19 and 16MnCr5. The experiment is conducted on a reciprocating tribometer. The coefficient of friction for grease lubricated contact is recorded within the range of 0.15-0.25. Later Nickel-Alumina nano composite coating was applied onto16MnCr5 steel. Interfacial surface roughness profiles of nano coated 16MnCr5 and EN-19 samples are presented in conjunction with a detailed study of wear failure modes and the wear volume at varying test conditions. Comparative results of tribological performance of nano coated versus non coated 16MnCr5 are also presented.

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