Implementation of Partnership Work: Key considerations and implications from the Nigerian Local Regeneration

Authors: Okwilagwe, O. and Apostolakis, C.

Conference: British Academy of Management (BAM)

Dates: 6-8 September 2016


This paper explores and explains partnership implementation for the Nigerian local regeneration. Partnership working has been associated with literature about to which extent all partners are given an opportunity to participate in the collaboration process, the accountability that partners exhibit for actively engaging in the partnership process and the degree to which trust exist between the partners. Empirical findings in Nigeria local regeneration partnerships indicate that implementation can be influenced by inadequate decision making resulting from: limited expertise and capabilities in individual organisations; the challenges relating to inadequate risk identification and allocation at the partnership formalisation; accountability and trust concerns; and challenges of the existing judicial system in the country. Methodology-wise it is primarily depended on a qualitative approach that offers ability for conduct of semi-structured interviews as well as accumulation of secondary data. The impact of these findings are comprehensively analysed and discussed and advantages and challenges are recognised.

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