Digital interventions on and off mobile devices

Authors: Hargood, C., Michaelides, D., Weal, M., Morrison, L. and Yardley, L.

Conference: Digital Futures 2012

Dates: October 2012


Digital behavioural interventions provide powerful mechanisms for facilitating behaviour change. Their effectiveness can be evaluated through the use of randomised controlled trials and the comparison of different intervention components and personalisation mechanisms. The LifeGuide system allows researchers to create interventions and run trials without the requirement of specialist programming support but currently these are restricted to web based interventions chiefly accessed through desktop PCs. Increasingly behaviour change interventions can be delivered on mobile platforms, taking advantage of the affordances of SmartPhones for both delivery of intervention content but also for the capture of context, important for personalisation. This paper reports on the co-design of a mobile intervention and examines the challenges in creating authoring environments that will enable the creation of mobile and hybrid interventions without the need for specialist programming support.

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