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Dr Charlie Hargood is a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University in the department of Creative Technology. He is an internationally recognised research leader in narrative systems, and a regular contributor to ACM Hypertext and Social Media where he has twice won the SIGWeb Englebart prize for models of location aware narrative, is organiser for the Narrative and Hypertext Workshop, and regularly serves on the programme committee. He has contributed to numerous research projects, and was technical lead for both the Leverhulme funded StoryPlaces project investigating interactive location aware stories, and the EPSRC funded UBhave project exploring mobile behavioral interventions. He has lead and contributed to the development of significant applications that remain widely used within research, and has published in a range of internationally recognised conferences and journals.


My research interests include: Narrative Systems, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Digital Storytelling, Location Aware Storytelling, Ubiquitous Computing, mHealth, Game Design

Journal Articles

  • Hargood, C., Millard, D.E. and Weal, M.J., 2018. The thematic modelling of subtext. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 77 (21), 28281-28308.
  • Hargood, C., 2018. The Narrative and Hypertext Workshop Series and the value of Workshops to Research Communities. ACM SIGWEB Newsletter (ACM Digital Library), Summer 2018 (Summer).
  • Morrison, L.G., Geraghty, A.W.A., Lloyd, S., Goodman, N., Michaelides, D.T., Hargood, C., Weal, M. and Yardley, L., 2018. Comparing usage of a web and app stress management intervention: An observational study. Internet Interventions, 12, 74-82.
  • Morrison, L.G. et al., 2017. The effect of timing and frequency of push notifications on usage of a smartphone-based stress management intervention: An exploratory trial. PLoS ONE, 12 (1).
  • Lin, S.X., Morrison, L., Smith, P.W.F., Hargood, C., Weal, M. and Yardley, L., 2016. Properties of bootstrap tests for N-of-1 studies. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 69 (3), 276-290.
  • Morrison, L., Arden-Close, E., Bradbury, K., Smith, E., Michaelides, D., Hargood, C., Weal, M., Little, P. and Yardley, L., 2015. How does usage of a weight-management intervention vary by context? The story of POWeR. European Health Psychologist, 17 (S).
  • Morrison, L.G. et al., 2014. Understanding usage of a hybrid website and smartphone app for weight management: A mixed-methods study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16 (10), e201.
  • Millard, D.E., Borthwick, K., Howard, Y., McSweeney, P. and Hargood, C., 2013. The HumBox: Changing educational practice around a learning resource repository. Computers and Education, 69, 287-302.
  • Hargood, C., Millard, D.E. and Weal, M.J., 2010. Capturing the semiotic relationship between terms. New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 16 (1-2), 71-84.



  • Hargood, C., 2011. Semiotic term expansion as the basis for thematic models in narrative systems. PhD Thesis. University of Southampton, ECS.


  • Millard, D. and Hargood, C., 2016. Location Location Location: Experiences of Authoring an Interactive Location-Based Narrative. In: International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling 2016.
  • Hargood, C., Pejovic, V., Morrison, L., Michaelides, D., Musolesi, M., Yardley, L. and Weal, M., 2014. The UBhave Framework: Dynamic Pervasive Applications for Behavioural Psychology. In: Mobiquitous 2014.
  • Hargood, C., Millard, D. and Weal, M., 2011. The Thematic Illustrator: An Automatic Illustrative Approach to Enhancing Narrative Cohesion. In: ACM Hypertext 2011.


PhD Students

  • Daniel Green
  • Weilai Xu
  • Farbod Shakouri

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Modelling and Game Design (BSc Games Technology Level 6)
  • Games Design Principles (BSc Games Design, BSc Games Software Engineering, and BA Digital Creative Industries Level 4)
  • Storytelling and Narrative Development (Games Design Level 5)

Invited Lectures

  • Location Aware Narratives, Southampton University, 08 Feb 2017 more


  • Story places: exploring the poetics of locationbased narratives (Leverhulme Trust, 01 Jul 2015). Awarded

Internal Responsibilities

  • Programme Leader, Games Design and Games Technology

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Games and Narrative taster lesson and opportunities for games study at BU talk
  • Webinar for potential students to Games programs in Creative Technology

Attended Training

  • Doctoral Supervision Development: New Supervisors, 18 May 2017


  • PhD in Computer Science (University of Southampton, 2011)
  • MEng in Computer Science (University of Southampton, 2006)


  • 2nd Place ACM Hypertext Student Research Competition (ACM SIGWEB, 2008)
  • ACM Hypertext and Social Media Douglas Engelbart Award for Best Paper For “Canyons, Deltas and Plains: Towards a Unified Sculptural Model of Location-Based Hypertext” (ACM SIGWEB, 2013)
  • ACM Hypertext and Social Media Douglas Engelbart Award for Best Paper For “Patterns of sculptural hypertext in location based narratives” (ACM SIGWEB, 2016)
  • ACM Hypertext Blueskies track award 1st prize for "Intelligent Generative Locative Hyperstructure" (ACM Hypertext/CCC, 2018)


  • ACM, Member (2018-),
  • ACM SIGWEB (Executive Committee), Information Director (2013-),
  • ARDIN, Member (2018-),
  • HEA, Fellow (2017-),

Broadcast Interview

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