Development of novel nano-coatings through experimental techniques, mathematical modelling and simulation

Authors: Khan, Z., Nazir, M.H., Saeed, A., Stokes, K., Bajwa, R., Bakolas, V., Braun, W. and Pashaei, P.

Start date: 16 October 2017

Publisher: ISAM

Place of Publication: Islamabad

A detailed study and investigation in to the development of nano composite coatings applied in complex interacting systems and high value mobile assets have been conducted. Nano coatings with varying nano constituents were developed through electro magnetron sputtering of 5 nm thick and through electro-deposition of up to 100μm thick. Both types of coatings were subjected to environmental simulations with varying temperature and humidity ratios to assess their response to electrochemical changes. These coatings were also subjected to prohesion, modified salt spray fog tests. Corrosion analyses to assess the durability of these coatings were performed. These coating were then subjected to tribo-testing in a bespoke modified rolling contact tribometer incorporated with facility to provide corrosive lubrication. Tribo performance of these coatings was investigated. Fracture toughness of these coatings was investigated through mechanical testing.

Electrochemical changes, Tribo performance and fracture toughness of these coatings were assessed through comprehensive modelling and simulation techniques. Novel mathematical models have been developed to predict and prognose electrochemical deterioration as corrosion, tribo and mechanical failures applied in complex operating and environmental conditions. Experimental results and newly developed models are presented in this paper.

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