Towards a component based conceptual modeling language for discrete event simulation

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Authors: Cetinkaya, D., Verbraeck, A. and Seek, M.

Journal: ESM 2010 - 2010 European Simulation and Modelling Conference

Pages: 67-74

Recent studies state the importance of conceptual modeling in simulation life cycles. Proper development of a conceptual model is critical for expressing the context, elements, relationships, limitations and purpose of the simulation study. Surprisingly there are many simulation projects that have no explicit conceptual model, a poorly or only partially developed conceptual model, or incomplete documentation of the simulation conceptual model. The reason for the deficiency in conceptual modeling stage is that there does not exist a well defined simulation conceptual modeling method. In this paper, a brief overview of the conceptual modeling techniques used in simulation field is provided and the need for a unified simulation conceptual modeling method is stated. Then, a conceptual modeling approach for discrete event simulation is proposed and compared to other modeling techniques.

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Authors: Cetinkaya, D., Verbraeck, A. and Seck, M.


Pages: 67-74

ISBN: 978-90-77381-57-1

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