Model transformation from BPMN to DEVS in the MDD4MS framework

Authors: Cetinkaya, D., Verbraeck, A. and Seck, M.D.

Journal: Simulation Series

Volume: 44

Issue: 4 BOOK

Pages: 304-309

ISBN: 9781618397867

ISSN: 0735-9276


Conceptual modeling is a difficult aspect of a simulation study that directly affects the quality and efficiency of simulation projects. Recent studies state the deficiencies in simulation conceptual modeling and the gap between conceptual modeling and simulation model implementation. In this work, a model driven development approach is applied into simulation to obtain the model continuity to bridge this gap. This paper presents a model to model transformation from a conceptual modeling language to a simulation model specification. BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is used for conceptual modeling and DEVS (Discrete Event System Specification) is selected for simulation model specification. BPMN models are transformed into DEVS models based on a set of pre-defined model transformation rules. This work is a part of the MDD4MS (Model Driven Development framework for Modeling and Simulation) research project and the transformation has successfully been used in the prototype implementation of MDD4MS framework.

Source: Scopus