Business process simulation for management consultants: A DEVS-based simplified business process modelling library

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Authors: Rust, I., Cetinkaya, D., Seck, M. and Wenzler, I.

Journal: 23rd European Modeling and Simulation Symposium, EMSS 2011

Pages: 709-714

ISBN: 9788890372445

Business process simulation enables analysis of business processes over time and allows to experiment with scenarios (like for instance redesigning business processes) before implementing them into an organization. This research aims at providing an easy way of business process modelling and simulation for management consultants whose core competence is not simulation model development. During the design and development process, management consultants are actively involved following a user-centred design approach. The outcome of this research is a library of DEVS-based business process modelling elements implemented in Java and using the DSOL simulation library to provide the simulation capabilities.

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