A metamodel for the HLA object model

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Authors: Çetinkaya, D. and Oǧuztüzün, H.

Journal: 20th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation: Modelling Methodologies and Simulation Key Technologies in Academia and Industry, ECMS 2006

Pages: 207-213

ISBN: 9780955301803

The High Level Architecture (HLA), IEEE Std. 1516- 2000, provides a general framework for distributed simulation applications, called federations. An HLA object model, be it a simulation object model (SOM), a federation object model (FOM) or the management object model (MOM), describes the data that can be transferred during some federation execution. This paper introduces a metamodel for the HLA Object Model, fully accounting for IEEE Std. 1516.2. The metamodel ("paradigm") is constructed with GME (Generic Modeling Environment), a meta-programmable tool for domain-specific modeling, developed by the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University. The paper also describes an application based on the paradigm. This work aims at bringing model-integrated computing to bear on HLA-based distributed simulation. © ECMS, 2006.

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