An interactive narrative platform for story understanding experiments

Authors: Porteous, J., Charles, F., Smith, C., Cavazza, C., Mouw, J.M. and van den Broek, P.

Start date: 8 May 2017

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Authors: Porteous, J., Charles, F., Smith, C., Cavazza, M., Mouw, J. and Van Den Broek, P.

Journal: Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, AAMAS

Volume: 3

Pages: 1808-1810

eISSN: 1558-2914

ISBN: 9781510855076

ISSN: 1548-8403

© Copyright 2017, International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems ( All rights reserved. Interactive Narratives are systems that use automated narrative generation techniques to create multiple story variants which can be shown to an audience, as virtual narratives, using cinematic staging techniques. The focus of previous research has included aspects such as the quality of automatically generated narratives and the way in which audiences respond to them. However in this work we have developed a mechanism for control of interactive narratives that supports their use in experiments to assess story understanding. This is implemented in our demonstration system, which features two parts: an interface that allows high-level specification of criteria for story understanding experiments; and a participant interface in which virtual narratives, conforming to the experimental design, are presented as 3D visualizations. The virtual narrative is based on a pre-existing children's story, and features a cast of virtual characters.

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