The Great Dorset Throw Down: The Infra-Site Landscape of a Verwood Country Pottery

Authors: Carter, D. and Cheetham, P.

Conference: Recent Work in Archaeological Geophysics

Dates: 16 December 2016

Journal: Conference programme and extended abstracts pdf


Archaeological investigations comprising a topographic survey and geophysical survey, by gradiometer with subsequent targeted earth resistance, was undertaken at one of two ‘Verwood’ pottery production sites located within the village of Horton, Dorset (Fig.1). ‘Verwood’ pottery is a form of earthenware that is known to be produced from at least the 17th century on into the mid-20th century. Production centred around several settlements, before the last of the production centres, which were situated in and around Verwood, Dorset, closed in the mid-20th century. Documentary evidence suggests the origins of the industry lie within the late medieval period, possibly emanating from the Alderholt region to the northeast of Horton. However, currently no physical evidence for medieval production is known.

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