Agent-Based Virtual Urban Environments for Population Health Applications

Authors: Silverman, E., Charles, F., Porteous, J., Wood, I. and Ells, L.J.

Conference: The 2nd International Workshop on Agent-Based Modelling of Urban Systems (ABMUS 2017)

Dates: 8 May 2017


Agent-based computational models are gaining traction as a means for modelling the complexities of designing and implementing health interventions in our rapidly-changing society. When such models are integrated with an interactive virtual environment they o er a way to investigate complex conditions including social and environmental de- terminants, while also facilitating participation and interaction from re- search users and policy-makers. Here we present a prototype Agent-Based Virtual Environment which features an early-stage model of obesity in- tended to support planners and local authority members in the develop- ment of environments that encourage healthy diets and higher physical exertion. We illustrate the construction of the model and its intended role in raising awareness of the role of the built environment in prevent- ing obesity. We also describe future extensions and ways to extend this framework to other areas of concern in public health.

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