Managing uncertainty: exploring multiple futures with multiple strategies

Authors: Oliver, J. and Parrett, E.

Conference: European Media Management Association

Dates: 11-12 May 2017


The UK Media Industry operates in a highly turbulent environment, and one that is primarily characterised by rapid changes in digital technologies and the threat of new competitive entrants. These new competitive dynamics mean that traditional TV broadcast companies no longer act as the sole intermediaries of mediated content. Indeed, innovative Internet Protocal TV (IPTV), Web TV and streaming services are making significant in-roads into traditional audience market share, particularly amongst the younger demographic. This type of competitive environment makes it difficult for executives who are responsible for planning and executing Corporate Level Strategy. This in turn places increased scrutiny on the strategic planning tools that are used to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the competitive dynamics and inform strategy formulation. This paper presents empirical findings and reflections on a scenario planning project that sought to develop a long-term Corporate Level Strategy for YouTube. As such, it is positioned within the ‘Strategy as Practice’ domain as it combines academics with an interest in the practice of media management, with media practitioners. This view of strategy focuses on the ‘doing of strategy’ and is particularly interested in the methods and tools that executives use to develop organisational strategy.

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