John Oliver

Professor John Oliver

  • Professor In Media Management
  • Weymouth House W428, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Prof. John Oliver is an experienced academic who has published in leading international media and business journals. He has a successful track record of delivering world class impact from his research including the effects of crisis events on the levels of innovation and corporate financial performance which influenced the UK Govts new ‘Build Back Better: our plan for growth’ and the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee's new 'Innovation Strategy’ which aims to incorporate long-term strategies that centre on business investment that drives innovation in the UK economy. Professor Oliver received the European Media Management Association's award for 'excellence in media management scholarship and practice' (2024) and Bournemouth University's 'Advancing Knowledge Award' (2022) for his research on the transgenerational effects of corporate crisis events on organisational performance.

His research into ‘strategic organisational transformation’ influenced UK Communications policy and regulatory decisions relating to Sky Plc and the public policy debate on internet regulation...



Media Management with a specific emphasis on media business transformation and adaptation (dynamic capabilities)


Journal Articles


  • Oliver, J. and Gray, M., 2023. The influence of new digital technologies on media brands: creative control versus creative co-creation. In: Godulla, A. and Bohm, S., eds. Digital Disruption and Media Transformation: How Technological Innovation Shapes the Future of Communication. Switzerland: Springer, 29-39.
  • Oliver, J.J., 2020. Managing media firms: Case studies of practice-led research, actionable knowledge and instrumental impact. Media Management Matters: Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging Theory and Practice. 59-74.
  • Costello, J. and Oliver, J., 2018. Human resource management in the media. Handbook of Media Management and Economics: Second Edition. 95-110.
  • Oliver, J.J., 2017. Developing a digital research profile & network. In: Natalia Kucirkova and Oliver Quinlan, eds. The Digitally Agile Researcher. Open University Press: Open University Press (McGraw-Hill Education), 80-87.
  • Oliver, J., 2015. Dynamic media management capabilities: A case study. Managing Media Firms and Industries: What's So Special About Media Management?. 293-308.
  • Singh, S. and Oliver, J., 2015. Innovating and trading TV formats through brand management practices. Handbook of Media Branding. 187-197.



Internet Publications


  • Oliver, J., 2004. The influence of critical service incidents in a health and fitness club environment: exploring buyer and seller relationship perspectives. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University; Business School.


Profile of Teaching PG

  • Corporate Strategy in the Media (MA in Media Management); Strategic Marketing in the Media (MA in Media Management)
  • Media Strategy

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Strategic Management for PR

Invited Lectures

  • Managing Strategic Uncertainty, Online, 02 Jul 2024 more
  • Mastering the rapidly changing media industry, online, 29 Apr 2024 more
  • Engaging with Parliament for Impact, Bournemouth University, 26 Jan 2024 more
  • Generative AI & Student Assessment, Bournemouth University, 10 Jan 2024 more
  • Developing a Publishing Strategy, University of Warsaw, 07 Nov 2023 more
  • The Fog of Streaming Wars, Cyprus, 17 Oct 2023 more
  • Media Management: taking stock and moving forward, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, 09 Jun 2023 more
  • Developing a Fusion Publishing Strategy, online, 04 May 2023 more
  • Personal Branding & Networking, Online, 12 Oct 2022 more
  • Policy Impact & Research Engagement, online, 13 Jul 2022 more
  • Easing into Policy, Bournemouth University, 14 Feb 2022 more
  • University-Industry Collaboration: perspectives on, international webinar, 03 Feb 2022 more
  • Media Innovation & Strategy, webinar, 28 Apr 2021 more
  • Media Competition in an Era of Platforms, Online webinar, 29 Mar 2021 more
  • Shaping the Corporate Perimeter, Online: Northwestern University, 09 Mar 2021 more
  • Strategy Priorities for the Media, Webinar, 15 Feb 2021 more
  • Business performance in a post pandemic world, online webinar, 21 Jan 2021 more
  • Media Management:bridging the theory-practice gap, Webinar, 14 Oct 2020 more
  • Creativity, Collaboration and Media Management, University of the Arts, London., 10 Jul 2018 more
  • Strategic Innovation in the Media, Fordham University, New York (USA), 04 Apr 2018 more
  • Research Fellows Symposium, University of Oxford, 26 Feb 2016 more
  • Multi-platform media and the digital challenge, Royal Society of Arts, London, 12 Jun 2015 more
  • Managing Media Firms: a short and long-term perspe, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, 11 Mar 2015 more
  • Developing Your Publishing Strategy, Bangkok, Thailand, 05 Nov 2014 more
  • Mixed Methods Research in Media Management., British Council (Bangkok,Thailand)., 05 Nov 2014 more
  • Mixed Methods Research in Media Management, British Council (Bangkok,Thailand), 04 Nov 2014 more
  • Teaching Media Management - Challenges, Concepts a, Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn University., 11 Jun 2014 more
  • The Future of Journalistic Work, University of Oxford, 18 Feb 2014 more
  • Media Brands: Establishing a Research Agenda, University of Zurich, Switzerland., 04 Feb 2014 more
  • Managing Media Innovation., Bournemouth University, Centre for Entrepreneursh, 21 Jan 2014 more
  • Managing Media Innovation, Oxford University, 06 Nov 2013 more
  • Managing Media Strategy in Uncertain Markets., University of Zurich, Switzerland, 04 Sep 2012 more


  • Investigating the culture of chronically under performing firms: past, present and future. (British Academy/Leverhulme, 01 Oct 2018). Completed
  • European Media Management Doctoral Summer School (European Media Management Association, 04 Jul 2018). Completed
  • B2B marketing: Perspectives from Researchers, Educators and Practitioners (Bournemouth University QR Fund, 01 Mar 2018). Completed
  • Global Thinking, Global Talent and Global Traction in the USA (Santander, 28 Feb 2018). Completed
  • Successful Strategic Transformations in the Creative Industries (British Academy/Leverhulme, 01 Mar 2016). Completed
  • Visiting Fellowship (University of Oxford) (Santander : Staff Mobility & Networking, 01 Mar 2016). Completed
  • European Media Management Association Conference (European Media Management Association, 13 Jun 2013). Completed
  • London 2012 – BU Creative & Digital Economies Exhibition (BU Research Development Fund – Small Grants Scheme, 02 Jul 2012). Completed
  • World Media Economics & Management Conference (BU European Network Fund, 24 May 2012). Completed
  • Media Management Tools and Trends (BU Fusion Investment Fund, 02 Jan 2012). Completed

External Responsibilities

Internal Responsibilities

  • Deputy Chair, Research Impact Funding Panel
  • Member, Major Incident Group (Assessments)
  • Member, Research Impact Funding Panel, Research Impact Funding Panel
  • Chair, Research Degrees Committee Task & Finish Group for Quality Supervision, Research Degrees Committee Task & Finish Group for Quality Supervision
  • Head of International Development. The Media School, International Development
  • Lead Researcher, Advances in Media Management (research cluster), Advances in Media Management (AiMM) research cluster
  • BU Graduate School Instructor, BU Graduate School
  • Director, Professional Doctorate for the Creative Industries, Faculty of Media & Communication
  • Head of Research, The Media School, Bournemouth University
  • Research Theme Leader, Creative & Digital Economy, Bournemouth University
  • Professoriate Representative, Academic Standards Committee, Bournemouth University

Journal Reviewing/Refereeing

  • Futures and Foresight Science, Anonymous peer review, 23 Jan 2023
  • Nordic Journal of Media Management, Anonymous peer review, 01 Apr 2020
  • Strategy and Leadership, Anonymous peer review, 01 Apr 2017
  • The International Journal on Media Management, Anonymous peer review, 01 Jul 2011
  • Journal of Media Business Studies, Anonymous peer review, 01 Jul 2010

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Harnessing the Power of Scenario Planning (26 Apr 2023)
  • UN Development Programme (UNDP): Strategic Foresight (19 Jul 2021)
  • Conversations on Culture (25 May 2021)
  • Reuters Journalist Fellowship Programme - 35th Anniversry (07 Sep 2018-09 Sep 2018)
  • This workshop was part of the Public Dissemination activities for the British Academy/Leverhulme funded project into 'Digital transformations in the Media' (SG150150) (07 Apr 2017)
  • Open Innovation Design Jam competition. Design jams are short, intensive brainstorming sessions in which teams develop innovative solutions to cha (10 Nov 2016)
  • Skills Crunch - improving access to talent (05 Oct 2016)
  • Meet the Editor (21 Apr 2016)
  • John Oliver from Bournemouth University presented the findings from a survey on the changing nature of the UK Media Industry (09 Mar 2016)
  • ‘Teaching Media Management – Challenges, Concepts and Visions (11 Jan 2016)
  • British Academy Event (15 Dec 2015)
  • CREATe 'All Hands Conference' . (09 Sep 2015-10 Nov 2015)
  • Your brand is you BIGGEST asset! (11 Jun 2015)
  • European Media Management Association, Annual General Assembly, (22 May 2015)
  • National Outreach Programme (09 May 2015)
  • Programme Development (10 Mar 2014-12 Mar 2014)
  • Public Engagement Lecture (21 Jan 2014)
  • European Media Management Association AGA (14 Jun 2013)
  • Public Engagement (16 Jul 2012-20 Jul 2012)

Conference Presentations

  • Media Industries Conference, Exploring the Influence of CEO Traits on Media Firm Innovation and Performance, 16 Apr 2024, London
  • European Media Management Association, Annual Conference, Dynamic Capabilities: understanding media industry level dynamic capabilities, 11 Jun 2014, Tallin, Estonia
  • Strategy in Complex Settings, Dynamic Capability and Superior Firm performance in the UK media Industr, 19 Jun 2013, Glasgow, UK
  • European Media Management Association Annual Conference, Media management in a transformative digital environment, 13 Jun 2013, Bournemouth, UK
  • European Media Management Association Annual Conference, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: a tale of two dynamic media management capabilities., 09 Feb 2012, Budapest, Hungary
  • European Media Management Association Annual Conference, The Dynamic Capability of European Television Broadcasters, 02 Jun 2010, Moscow, Russia
  • European Media Management Association Annual Conference, The future of non-terrestrial broadcasters in the UK television industry: moving from uncertainty to competitive strategy., 04 Feb 2010, London, UK
  • European Media Management Association Annual Conference, Making media strategy in times of uncertainty., 05 Feb 2009, Paris, France
  • Action Learning: Practices, Problems & Prospects, . Making the case for action learning as an effective framework for strategy making, 05 Mar 2008, UK
  • Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Exploring the impact of music on young health and fitness club member loyalty., 05 Jul 2006, London, UK

Consultancy Activities

  • Bangladesh Government, Executive Education. Bangladesh Government, PI - Dr Dan Jackson; Co-I Dr John Oliver et al, 03 Feb 2020
  • Advertising effectiveness: solus and group viewing context, Consultancy. ITV, John Krzyzanowski, Commercial Audiences Manager, Group Marketing and Research, 20 Jul 2017
  • Corporate Strategy in the Media., Executive Training. Voice of Vietnam (VoV).

Attended Training

  • How to win at policy (Southampton University), 01 Feb 2024
  • Engaging with Parliament for Impact, 26 Jan 2024
  • Masterclass: Advising Under Pressure, 05 Jul 2023
  • Quick, But Not Dirty: How to do Rapid Research Synthesis for Policymakers, 10 May 2023
  • RKEDF: Planning for Impact, 18 Jan 2023
  • The Conversation: writing for the public and why, 15 Sep 2022
  • Evaluating Public Engagement Impact, 28 Jun 2022
  • The New Executive Education—Erasing the In-Person., 23 Jun 2022
  • Scenarios as tools for exploring and communicating high-impact lowprobability risks. Hosted by the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge, 01 Mar 2022
  • Parliament for Researchers – exploring select committee evidence, 09 Jun 2021
  • High quality public engagement, 15 Dec 2020
  • Unconscious Bias and Funding Applications, 18 Jun 2019
  • BU Research Councils Development Scheme, 06 Feb 2019
  • Experience Supervisors Training, 21 Nov 2018
  • Impact Case Study: Writing Retreat, 21 May 2018
  • Developing impact case studies, 02 May 2018
  • Data Protection, Information Security, Freedom of Information and Record Management, 17 Apr 2018
  • Research impact and the REF, 29 Jan 2018
  • What makes a REF 2, 3 or 4 output?, 17 Jan 2018
  • Targetting High Quality Journals, 26 Jul 2017
  • Writing Academy with Prof Matthew Bennett, 29 Mar 2017
  • Influencing public policy, 27 Oct 2016
  • Impact and your research: shaping our society and economy, 08 Apr 2016
  • Supporting Good Supervisory Practice, 11 Nov 2015
  • BU Grants Academy - Grant Writing Workshop, 10 Mar 2014
  • BU Mentoring & Coaching Programme, 02 Feb 2014


  • Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Management and Marketing (2004)
  • Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management and Marketing (1997)
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies in Marketing (Marketing, 1986)


  • emma Award for "excellence in media management scholarship & practice" (European Media Management Association (emma), 2024)
  • Advancing Knowledge Award (Bournemouth University, 2023)
  • Vice Chancellor's Award for Advancing Knowledge (Bournemouth University, 2022)
  • Academic Fellowship (Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (UK Parliament), 2021)
  • Parliamentary Academic Fellow (Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, 2020)
  • Visiting Scholar (Media Management & Transformation Centre, Jonkoping University, Sweden, 2015)
  • Visiting Fellow (University of Oxford (Reuter's Institute for the Study of Journalism), 2014)
  • Deputy President/Executive Board Member (European Media Management Association, 2012)
  • Visiting Scholar (University of the South Pacific, Fiji Islands, 2003)


  • Media Research Group, Member (2016-),
  • University of Oxford, Visiting Fellow (2016-),
  • World Media Economics & Management Association, Member (2015-),
  • European Media Management Association, Executive Board Member (2009-),
  • Strategic Management Society, Member,


  • Reuter's Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxfrord
  • European Media Management Association / Strategic Management Society

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