Detecting the Infringement of Personally Identifiable Information of the Elderly

Authors: Rogers, R., Apeh, E. and Richardson, C.

Conference: BCS Quality Specialist Group Annual International Software Quality Management SQM/INSPIRE Conference

Dates: 21-22 March 2016


Socio-technical systems are generally designed to be functional and easy to use by a cross-section of society, including the elderly. The elderly, by their nature, are physically, emotionally and financially vulnerable and are therefore more susceptible to be exploited. This makes the socio-technical systems that are designed for their use, and through which their personal information flows, highly attractive to hackers and fraudsters. Much work has been done in designing socio-technical systems so they are functional and easy to use by the elderly. However, very little work has been done to secure the data that is collected, processed, stored and transmitted by these sociotechnical systems. Using human factors approaches, this paper proposes a complex socio-technical system for monitoring, tracking and the early detection of the infringement of personally identifiable information of the elderly. In particular it uses personas to describe the interaction between the elderly and these complex sociotechnical systems, with the goal of highlighting the problem of data loss and misuse. It also analyses and presents how the proposed system monitors, detects and reports the infringement of personally identifiable information using soft systems techniques.

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