Aspects of the preparation of NdCo<inf>5</inf> intermetallic via the FFC-Cambridge process

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Authors: Abdelkader, A.M., Hyslop, D.J.S., Cox, A. and Fray, D.J.

Journal: Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2009, MS and T'09

Volume: 3

Pages: 1961-1973

ISBN: 9781615676361

Nd 2 O 3 -Co 3 O 4 mixed oxide preforms were used to produce NdCo 5 intermetallic compound via the FFC Cambridge Process. Constant voltages were applied between a mixed oxide precursor cathode and graphite anode in molten calcium chloride at 950°C SEM and XRD were used to characterise the material before and after the electro-deoxidation. The result obtained after the electrochemical reduction confirm the possibility of producing NdCo 5 and magnetic intermetallics using the FFC-Cambridge process.

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