Keynote: 'Mediated Pedagogies', or: Why stories about teaching and learning are good for us

Authors: Readman, M.

Conference: Media Education Summit

Dates: 4-5 November 2016


In this presentation I draw on some recent research published in Teaching and Learning On Screen: Mediated Pedagogies (Readman 2016) which examines a range of representations of pedagogy on TV and in film. I suggest that such stories have the potential to inspire, to work through ideas (in the manner of ‘thought experiments’), and to form the basis for conversations about pedagogy.

It is axiomatic that we learn through stories, and it follows that our understanding of learning is at least in part dependent upon stories about it. In such stories then, how are pedagogic principles and practices manifested? How are myths about learning and teaching produced, reinforced or challenged? And how might we make these stories speak back to practices in the real world in order to enrich, provoke and develop a critical dialogue about education?

Source: Manual