The Choice of Distribution Strategy as a Complementary Corporate Governance System, Does it work?

Authors: Abdoush, T., Wolfe, S. and Marshall, A.

Conference: British Academy of Management Conference (BAM2016)

Dates: 6-8 September 2016

Journal: BAM2016 Conference Proceedings


This paper aims to investigate the casual relationship between chosen marketing distribution strategy, how good are the implemented corporate governance arrangements, assessed using our new UK Insurance Corporate Governance Index (UKICGI), and efficiency scores for UK insurance companies, estimated by the data envelopment analysis (DEA). This study will cover both listed and non-listed, and whether selling life, non-life or both products, during the period 2004-2013. A multiple regression using multilevel mediation analysis will be run between marketing strategy variables, corporate governance index and firm efficiency score of each company during the period 2004-2013 in order to explore any link between those variables. To sum up, this study would help insurance companies themselves to assess and improve their own performance by changing their governance structure and/or marketing strategies. It would also help them towards mergers and acquisitions as well as when making alliances. Finally, regulators and policy makers would benefit from this study either in analysing market structure, or in assessing and developing CG code or practice.

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