A Strategy for Maximizing Learning Gains

Authors: Bobeva, M. and Kiselov, G.

Conference: Global Festival of Learning

Dates: 26-27 March 2017


The concept of learning gains has had a wider coverage internationally but is fairly new to the UK (HEFCE 2015).This session introduces learning gains (LGS) in the context of HE and compares these to learning outcomes and value-added. It critically evaluates methods for measuring LGS and will focus on student e-portfolios and reflective accounts as evidence of PPD and LGS. We introduce the wider spectrum of learning opportunities within Bournemouth University (BU), including extra-curriculum activities such as the university Global Talent programme, the staff-student collaboration competitions, SUBU clubs and societies, and the Student Project Bank as hubs for social and experiential learning. We analyse these and synthesise the findings into the precepts of a strategy for maximizing learning gains. It is illustrated through the lived experiences of a BU student, who talks about his journey as undergraduate Business School student who demonstrates how classes have inspired his business visions and further engagement with experiential and social learning through co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. We present elements of his e-portfolios and other artifacts evidencing his PPD attainment. Building on student and academic reflections, we discuss opportunities for collaboration in an international study on LGS and employability. Our conclusion focuses on the appreciation of how personalisation of education could be achieved through linking course studies with extra-curriculum activities, thus fusing formal, social and experiential learning, as we as on the role of reflective accounts and e-portfolios as evidence of learning gains and student employability.


Source: Manual