Development of a Synergetic Wear-Corrosion Model for Prognostics of Nano-Composite Coatings Subject to Tribo-Corrosion Failures

Authors: Nazir, M.H. and Khan, Z.

Start date: 20 May 2018

Publisher: ScholarOne

Place of Publication: USA

A novel Synergetic Wear-Corrosion model has been developed for prognostics of reciprocating tribo-corrosion failures of nanocomposite coatings by combining Archard equation with both the mechanics and the electrochemical equations for quantifying the eigenstress-dependent wear-corrosion processes for nanocomposite coatings. Literature concerning modelling of corrosive and mechanical wear can predict the wear-corrosion in various metallic materials however predicting the wear-corrosion performance of nanocomposite coatings is still an area, in wear modelling, to be fully investigated. This research fills this gap by predicting the effects of intrinsic mechanics parameters, such as the eigenstresses, porosity and deposited grainsize on the wear-corrosion of nanocomposite coatings.

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