Development of a Mechano-Wear Model for Prognostics of Nano-Composite Coatings Subject to the Reciprocating Wear Failures

Authors: Khan, Z. and Nazir, M.H.

Start date: 20 May 2018

Publisher: ScholarOne

Place of Publication: USA

A 2-D mechano-wear prognostics model based on experimentally computed wear depth kinetics profiles was developed. The model linked the geometrical equations for the evolution of wear depth kinetics profiles with the nanomechanics equations to analyse the effects of intrinsic mechanical parameters, such as the eigenstresses, porosity, deposited grainsize and thermal mismatch of the nanocomposite coatings on their wear response. The analysis was performed for Ni/Al2O3, Ni/SiC, Ni/ZrO2 and Ni/Graphene nanocomposite coatings. It was shown that, Ni/ZrO2 exhibited the maximum wear rate followed by Ni/SiC and Ni/Al2O3 and Ni/GPL respectively.

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