The Impact of Co-Produced Mental Health Training for Paramedics

Authors: Morgan, P., Rose, S. and Jack, E.

Start date: 18 September 2017

Journal: Conference Programme

Pages: 79

Publisher: Institute of Mental Health

The focus of this work was to explore the impact of a week of mental health training cocreated and co-delivered by Peer Specialists, Mental Health Professionals, Paramedics and Paramedic Lecturers and Students. To explore if it could change the approach and build the confidence of paramedic students to supporting people with mental health problems. Traditionally paramedic students had a placement where they sat with a mental health team for a week, however people's experience varied and did not appear to have much value for some. By co-creating a programme with people who had access paramedic and ambulance services it was hypothesised that the paramedic students would get a more comprehensive understanding of their role, what they can offer people and have an increased understanding of a range of mental health experiences.

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