Turtle Fractals and Spirolaterals: Effective Assignments for Novice Graphics Programmers

Authors: Anderson, E.F.

Editors: Zara, J. and Post, F.



Start date: 16 April 2018

Journal: EG 2018 - Education Papers

Pages: 39-42

Publisher: The Eurographics Association

ISSN: 1017-4656

DOI: 10.2312/eged.20181005

This paper presents an effective assignment in the shape of a computer graphics application from an introductory computing course with a graphics programming flavour. The assignment involves basic 2D computer graphics used in combination with fundamental algorithmic elements to create a simple drawing application. Students are first asked to create a data structure and appropriate functions replicating the operations of a Turtle graphics system and then to use this turtle for drawing either fractals or spirolateral curves.

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