Aligning campus strategy with the SDGs: an institutional case study

Authors: Shiel, C., Smith, N. and Cantarello, E.

Start date: 27 August 2018

Evidence suggests that while many universities promote their green credentials, fully embedding sustainability across the university (campus, curriculum and community) and securing the full engagement of academic staff, is not without challenge. This paper argues that the Sustainable Development Goals may provide an opportunity to revitalise institutional efforts in relation to education for sustainable development. A case study is presented of an institution that is well-regarded for its green credentials yet continues to struggle to ensure that education for sustainable development permeates the curriculum, despite institutional strategy and policy drivers. The potential of the Sustainable Development Goals to catalyse further engagement within the institution is explored; examples are provided of how they are being used both within the curriculum, and also influencing strategy change. The conclusion suggests that while there is potential in a change of focus, substantial efforts are required to reinforce the responsibilities of higher education in relation to the goals. This paper will be useful to anyone interested in embedding sustainable development within universities and developing a strategy to address the global goals.

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