Collaborative Team-Based Learning: preliminary findings

Authors: Stainer, L. and Branney, J.

Start date: 4 June 2018

Nursing students crave the clinical contextualisation of the knowledge they are required to learn (Evans et al 2010) & this is difficult to replicate in the university classroom setting. In addition student nurses are often taught by nurse educators who are full-time educators who no longer work clinically (Taylor et al 2015). The presentation will discuss how we designed an interactive learning environment to bring nursing practice into the university classroom using flipped classroom and Team-Based Learning (TBL) between academics and practising healthcare professional. This collaborative approach was delivered to 250 students nursing in 2 sessions. The audience will be invited to share their experiences upon 3 objectives explored with our students: 1. Does collaborative TBL environment improves students’ confidence in understanding the material presented.

2. Students feedback upon collaborative TBL environment to traditional teaching 3. Whether collaborative TBL environment is associated with improved examination performance.

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