Global Festivals of Learning: Observations and student self-assessment of learning gains

Authors: Bobeva, M., Minocha, S. and Hristov, D.

Conference: Advance HE Teaching & Learning Conference 2018: Teaching in the spotlight: Learning from global communities

Dates: 3-5 July 2018


This session explores the impact of Bournemouth University’s innovative model for public engagement on student participants. The Global Festivals of Learning designed to facilitate students learning, mobility and global outlook. They take place over a period of 5 to 7 days at the premises of partner institutions in different countries and harness the power of experiential and practical learning about working in a global context. The results from a mixed-methods study of student experiences and learning gains from this immersive experience will be discussed, illustrating the transformative power of such events on the students and the wider global community

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